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  DVD & Blu Ray Authoring

Following on from our successful CD & DVD authoring services, Freeman Productions is now offering a full range of Blu-ray authoring services. Using Hollywood standard software we are able to provide you with a HD master that is duplication or replication ready. These new services are completely in-house, making it possible for you to couple your authoring needs with disc printing, packaging and fulfillment options, saving you time AND money!

So what’s the difference?

As you can tell from the comparison above, picture quality is the most obvious difference. Blu-ray video is up to six-times the resolution of DVD video. Any digital signal has a measurable bit rate, which is basically the speed that data is being transmitted. The clarity of Blu-ray comes from its high bit rates. DVDs can provide up to 8 Megabits per second (Mbps) which includes the video, audio and subtitles. Blu-ray discs have a maximum data through-put of 54Mbps! These higher bit rates, better picture and audio quality are due entirely to the storage size of a Blu-ray disc. There are two varieties, a 25GB single-layer disc and a dual-layer, 50GB. The laser used to read/write Blu-ray discs is much finer and can focus much more precisely than the laser in CD and DVD players. (See below) This makes high data output and large storage capacities possible. A Blu-ray laser occupies the same frequency space of blue light, hence its name!

After receiving an authoring brief, we collect all assets needed for disc creation. Menus are created, Video assets are either loaded from external hard drive or captured. Once the footage is brought in, all video assets are encoded. After encoding, menus, video, audio and subtitles (if applicable) are combined .At this time, menu animations and pop-up menu functionality is added, if required. With BD-Rs and duplication, you avoid the AACS minefield associated with full scale replication, which means you can get your product to market quickly and with minimal expense.

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