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  2D Motion graphics & Design

Motion graphics in video production used to be costly and time consuming, limiting their use to only high budget film and TV projects. With the reduced cost of producing motion graphics on a computer, the discipline has seen more widespread use and motion graphics have become increasingly accessible.Our motion graphics artists have extensive knowledge of several graphics packages, using each program's strengths to achieve the best result in bringing your vision to life.

At Freeman Productions we make use of programs such as After Effects and Motion for motion graphics. These programs collected together are used to produce stunning visual effects, compositing and color correction toolsets and primarily come somewhere between editing and 3D in the production process. This "in-between" notion of motion graphics and the resulting style of animation is why it is sometimes referred to as 2.5D.

Video production today has people spending a lot of time concerning themselves with how they will create something that is different from the competition - that will stand out and attract an audience. With an increasingly savy audience and steeper competition by the day, those who are charged with creating powerful video have had to really step up to the plate in terms of what they can provide. Motion graphics have become standard video fare in a lot of industries and those who want to keep pace need to be able to align themselves with professionals who can deliver in terms of expertise and execution.

At Freeman Productions it has always been our philosophy to provide a host of services under one roof that relate to video production. So while successful production itself is, of course, vital to the project, so too is the post-production that will take the images that we have captured and create something truly spectacular. This is the mindset that we bring to everything from corporate video production to web video production - to listen to our clients and deliver them something that goes beyond anything they could have imagined.

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