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  Television Commercials

At Freeman Productions, we have created many successful television commercials ranging in length from a few seconds to several minutes, as well as program-length infomercials.

Advertisements of this sort have been used to sell every product imaginable over the years, from household products to goods and services; even used as strategy in political campaigns. We aim to generate sustained appeal with every commercial we create, which may remain in the minds of television viewers long after the span of the advertising campaign. We often use humor as a tool in our creative marketing campaigns. In fact, many psychological studies demonstrate the effect of humor and indicate the way it empowers advertising persuasion.

Animation and motion graphics are also extremely powerful techniques we make full use of in our TV commercial production workflow. By using Animation and Motion Graphics scenes, an advertisement can have a certain appeal that is difficult to achieve with actors or product displays. It is for this reason, an animated advertisement (or a series of such advertisements) can be very long-running - several decades in many instances.With the additional capability to mix animation with live action using green/blue screen and industry standard compositing software, the options for us to produce memorable and successful advertising spots for you are endless.

TV commercial production continues to be what most companies turn to video production companies to do for them. In this age of computer technology, ours remains an increasingly visual world. Companies looking to reach their audience with a particular message are much more likely to do so through powerful, engaging visuals than they are through text. We see this trend only growing in the future as web technology continues to expand and video marketing gains an even stronger foothold in the development of brands.


For us, TV commercial production is about creating a window into a company’s soul - showing an audience, in a limited span of time, what that company is about and what their products have to offer.

In order to make that happen we work together with clients to help them either create a commercial concept or take the concept that they have already identified and make it come to life on screen. Our team of video production professionals combines expert scriptwriting and production services (done on-location or in-studio) with powerful animation and motion graphics to create unique, high-quality and attention-getting commercials. In the end this is what it’s all about - getting an audience to sit up and take notice; creating commercial spots that are not just noticed but remembered. Thank you for visiting Freeman Productions we look forward to working with you on your next TV commercial production project.

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