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  Biographies & Family histories

Every family has a storyteller and a story to tell. Maybe your grandfather is the storyteller in your family. Or maybe it's your grandmother, your mom or dad, your aunt or uncle. Don't you love hearing them tell family stories, in their own unique and wonderful ways, time and again? Shouldn't future generations of your family be able to enjoy these life stories too? Now they can - if you preserve your family history on video with a personal video biography. Through a seamless blending of personal interviews, photographs, and family film — combined with historical photos, music, and original narration — your story comes to life.

Your Video Biography will be a prized keepsake for you, your loved ones, and for future generations — because your history matters


freeman production filming
freeman production filming
Below: A video photo presentation complimented with music and animation, to create visually impressive and emotive lifestory in motion. Perfect for functions or as a tribute to that special someone in your family circle.
video photo presentation
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