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  Voice Over

Get your message heard whatever the language.

One of the most overlooked elements in the production process that can make or break your intended communication is the audio, namely - voiceover. Tone, texture, pitch and pace are all key elements of any audio production and when poorly executed it can leave your listeners running for earplugs or even worse, your competition.

Our audio specialists have an experienced ear for great sound recordings and the uncanny ability to match the tone of the vocal talent with the intention of the script. We specialize in offering documentary film, corporate video and infomercial voiceover talents

Nails on a blackboard or the brush of silk. Which would your ears prefer?

Contact us today for all your voiceover and video production needs.

When it comes to video production, details matter. In fact, they more than matter - they can absolutely define a project. Just as you painstakingly write and rewrite a script, just as you very purposefully pick location and lighting, just as you spend the time casting on-screen talent - you should also very carefully choose your voiceover talent. The right voice can deliver the lines of your script in the style in which you wrote it - can elicit emotion, inspire action, and communicate a message.

Exceeding standards, in fact, is something that we always strive for at Freeman Productions. After all, in exceeding our customers’ expectations we are able to better build relationships with them and relationships are the foundation of our business


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